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Selfie Post Box

Weddings are a celebration of love, and capturing those special moments is a must. With the rise of social media, taking selfies has become a popular way to capture memories and share them with friends and family. But what happens when guests forget to take pictures or don't have their phones on hand? That's where the selfie post box comes in! Your guests will post their wedding cards, and they can take photos, videos or boomerang gifs. They can share the images in many ways - email, QR code, AirDrop. After the event will send a link to a web gallery, and you can download all images, videos and boomerangs gifs. The selfie post box has a personalised image template with your name, wedding date, and digital props; no photo booth attendant is required. We will deliver and set up the Selfie post box before your wedding reception to start and collect it after 10 pm or the following day. The Selfie post box is available for hire through Cumbria and South Scotland, and a small delivery fee might apply if your event is more than 10 miles away from Penrith.

Selfie Post Box Cumbria

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